Supremacy - Privacy policy
Supremacy provides information to you about how your End Users use their mobile applications as well as how applications are performing across different handsets. Supremacy obtains this information as a result of data being sent to our servers from our software "agent" if embedded by you in an End User's mobile application. The data collected by the agent may include: agent version, platform, SDK version, timestamp, API key (identifier for application), application version, device identifier, iOS Identifier for Advertising, iOS Identifier for Vendors, Media Access Control (MAC) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Model, manufacture and OS version of device, session start/stop time, device uptime, locale (specific location where a given language is spoken), mobile network code/mobile country code, time zone, network status (WiFi, etc.), memory, disk, CPU and battery usage information. We hash iOS device identifiers, MAC address and IMEI; however, we do not hash platform device identifiers such as the iOS Identifier for Advertising, ANDROID_ID and the BB_PIN. Hashing involves the transformation of these identifiers into a value or key that represents the original identifier. The device identifiers (if applicable), IMEI (if applicable), MAC address (if applicable), and platform are hashed to a Supremacy ID. Supremacy may use any combination of the data collected by the software agent to identify an End User's device.

All data are shared with flurry analytics. Flurry Analytics privacy policy.